About Kay Lam

Who is Kay Lam?

Kay has completed over 4 years of study at The Northern college of Acupuncture in York. She continued her studies for several years and has been awarded a Master Of Science Degree for her research.

Kay is experienced in a wide variety of conditions including muscular skeletal conditions, cancer, infertility, pregnancy.  More uncommon conditions, including night terrors and fear of flying.  Kay welcomes a challenge and is realistic in her treatment plans.

It is recommended that you have a consultation as soon as possible when preparing for conception. A treatment plan will be arranged to assist your body to prepare for your pregnancy. IVF patients are advised to start treatments at least 3 months prior to their first cycle of IVF Courses are tailored to meet your Individual requirements.

Kay Lam

Kay Lam


More About Kay Lam

      • Qualified to MSc degree level in Acupuncture
      • Qualified in both nutrition, fitness, aromatherapy, massage, auricular treatments and moxibustion
      • Experienced working as service provider for the NHS
      • Has extensive experience treating numerous complex conditions
      • Experienced in areas of fertility
      • Experienced in providing IVF supporting treatments
      • Runs a regular clinic for pain management
      • Is a Member of The British Acupuncture Council
      • Is registered with the required Environmental Health department
      • Holds the required certification to ensure safe and environmentally friendly disposal of all used equipment and materials
      • She holds a Master of Science degree in Acupuncture awarded from The University of Wales and is also qualified in nutrition, fitness, massage and aromatherapy
      • Fully qualified and experienced in cosmetic applications.