Cosmetic Acupuncture

Why Cosmetic Acupuncture is beneficial to your looks and well being

This area of treatment is becoming more and more popular and is useful for both improving the skins tone, elasticity, drooping areas of the neck and jaw line. Patients report improvements after several treatments. Please ask Kay about her research performed in 2008/2009. Treatments are designed to help to reduce lines and wrinkles, to improve the skins natural glow, skin tone and colour. Its also designed to help with the appearance of stress on the face and aids in relaxing the whole body. Lymphatic drainage can also be stimulated along with the skins overall appearance.

It is a cost effective, natural, relaxing, alternative to other treatments and can help with the appearance of sagging skin, wrinkled skin with loss of tone and is also beneficial to numerous skin conditions.

A course of 10 to 12 treatments is generally recommended with a follow up maintenance treatment.

The clinic now offers HIFU lifting and Micro needling. Please enquire about these treatments. HIFU lifting is a one treatment only and lasts over 12 to 18 months dependant on skin condition, age and other factors. Contact Kay for further details.
Other skin treatments are available including thread vein removal, skin tag removal, skin blemish removal. Enquire for further details.

Please contact Kay on 07976704047 for further information and advice.