Treatments are available to support you throughout your pregnancy to assist your body and mind in both the early, mid and later stages continuing to labour and beyond.

Infertility and IVF Supporting Treatment

Many patients come for treatment whilst undertaking IVF treatments, they may come for massage, acupuncture, some for a mixture of both. This is becoming an increasingly popular choice for both parties involved, female and male. The treatments are designed to aid relaxation as well as improve blood flow to the bodies systems. Kay has not performed recorded research in this area however other people have. Research (Liang,L. 2003) suggests that success rates of IVF can be considerably enhanced by 40-60% utilising acupuncture treatment.

It is also common to have treatments using acupuncture in preparation to the IVF cycle and some success has been achieved with many patients who have concieved after receiving acupuncture prior to the onset of the IVF treatments. The reason for this could be improved state of relaxation or may be a result of treatment focused internal changes.

It is recommended that you try to start treatments several months before your first cycle of IVF however we realise that this is not always possible. Please contact Kay to discuss your individual requirements and for more information and advise regarding these treatments.

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