Kay’s Patient Testimonials

I highly recommend Kay Lam’s Traditional Chinese Medicine acupuncture clinic. She is extremely skilled, thorough, friendly and practises in a comfortable and relaxing treatment room. I have previously had a very positive experience of TCM acupuncture elsewhere, but when I needed to find a new acupuncturist, nothing could have prepared me for how much more profound my response has been to Kay’s treatment so far. At my first consultation, I was asked to provide my complete medical history and, delving in to it, she was quickly able to build up a picture of my main problems and then the detail of what lies behind them. My overall diagnosis was the same as I have learnt before, but Kay offered me a much more in depth explanation of the interplay between issues in different parts of my body, causing the various symptoms I am experiencing. These are being addressed in turn at each of my subsequent appointments. At the beginning of each treatment I am examined thoroughly to ensure the treatment each week is highly focused on what needs to be tackled as our health is an ever-evolving picture, being influenced by many things week by week. We have quite a mountain to climb to improve my depleted state in order to restore my health, but I have renewed positivity that there are, to Kay’s expert knowledge, relatively simple explanations to my symptoms and, more crucially, there are solutions! I am now very hopeful and trusting that in time, I will be able to reduce and stop taking the western medications that yield intolerable side-effects. That acupuncture needles can be far more powerful than medication astounds me and the only ‘side-effect’ – and I hesitate to call it that as we normally think of side-effects as being negative which this is not – is that I sometimes feel somewhat sleepy afterwards, but in a good and restful way! Indeed, should you need any further convincing as to whether acupuncture is right for you, let me just say that in Kay’s hands, I have found TCM acupuncture to be mind-blowing. As an example, I had been having frequent and uncomfortable palpitations, a fast pulse and breathlessness on minimum exertion, such that I was beginning to think that I must have a serious heart issue. Where western medicine has not offered any explanation, Traditional Chinese Medicine has quick answers and a cure! I have not had another palpitation since my very first treatment at Kay’s practice! That in itself, in my opinion, is stunning, but represents in a very tiny way only, just how amazing proper TCM acupuncture is, administered so expertly by Kay Lam. That is why I recommend this clinic very highly. Oh and are you worried about the needles? They are so incredibly fine that you hardly feel a thing. It just feels like a little flick on the skin and really isn’t an issue!

Ruth L. Chorley

Kay has helped me to get pregnant twice without IVF after giving up all hope of having a family. I would say to anyone who wants to try Acupuncture for fertility go to Kay. She is dedicated and so positive she gave me a real lift and has been a very big influence in my life giving me hope for a positive future. A lovely person who I must admit can be very straightforward, but gets her point across and allows you to take it in. When I realised, after she carefully explained how my system was functioning that I was not really in the best state I could be in, I changed and followed her advice. A wonderful person who will do a lot to help you, skilled, careful, the best. I have my family now and she has seen several of my friends of whom most have conceived. Thank You so much Kay.

Mrs H (Preston)

One of the best ever !!!! Seen Kay over the past few years for back pain, always have amazing results ,great understanding and careful treatment has done wonders for me

Attiya. M. Greater Manchester

I has never had acupuncture until I went to see Kay for a massage. I got a warm welcome and tried some acupuncture to help relieve my stress along with nutritional advice. I would highly recommend treatment with Kay as it has helped to ease my period pain and headaches.

N. M. Preston

Kay is by far the best acupuncturist I have seen (having seen several over the years). I highly recommend going to see her for ANY health concerns you may have. She is thorough, professional, friendly and always keen to try a new approach or delve deeper into what may be the under lying problem. I often arrive with differing ailments or conditions and leave with them having vanished, she is brilliant!

JT Bury